About Us

We are WeWantToKnow, the makers of DragonBox.


Many children today struggle with mathematics, while others want greater challenges. Our goal at WeWantToKnow was to create a simple yet flexible product that could meet the diverse needs of various math learners and be fun enough for parents to play along with their kids to freshen up their own math skills. 

We observed children’s innate curiosity and love of puzzles and sought to create a game that could easily teach them to solve math problems. After just an hour or two of play, all users should be able to solve algebraic equations quickly and efficiently.

Since the time of development, we have exceeded our goal and then some. DragonBox has been tested in schools in France and Norway, and the results demonstrate an increased understanding of basic mathematics and an improved ability to solve equations. More importantly, children playing the game showed a significantly positive shift in their attitudes towards learning mathematics.

And, we are just getting started! Stay tuned for more games that are so fun your kids won't even know they are learning.