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    Learn Algebra without breaking a sweat! Try DragonBox+, a fun and educational game for kids 6-16 (and their mathematically-challenged parents and mentors)

    The team at WeWantToKnow has finally succeeded at what so many have tried and failed to do: making Algebra fun and easy for students of all levels.

    By turning the rules of math into the rules of the game, DragonBox+ teaches Algebra intuitively. In just an hour or two of gameplay, kids will master the basics of Algebra and be able to solve simple equations.

    DragonBox+ features:
    • 100 teaching puzzles, in five chapters
    • 100 extra practice levels, to drive those concepts home
    • 12 supported languages (English, français, norsk, svenska, dansk, español, 한국어, italiano, português, Deutsch, русский, 简体中文, 繁體中文)

    Critical acclaim:

      • ==Best of Show and Golden Medal Winner of the 2012 International Serious Play Awards==


      • "DragonBox is making me reconsider all the times I've called an educational app "innovative". --Geekdad, Wired


    • "My eight year old son immediately sat down and ran through the first two banks of problems without hesitation. It was amazing." --Christopher Wanko, CoolTools

    Customer Feedback:

      • "Through this simple game, I have started to see math in a new light. Thank you for writing this excellent app!!!"


    • "It demystifies the process of solving equations for students at all levels, allowing them to enjoy and develop confidence in mathematics."


    Note: This is a Windows PC installer and will work with Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7. To get DragonBox on other platforms, such as iOS and Android, go here.

    Finally, be sure to check our support site for usage information, tips, list of existing bug reports and more: dragonboxapp.com Please contact us to report any issues or suggest improvements. Thanks!


  • DragonBox+  for Windows
  • DragonBox+  for Windows
  • DragonBox+  for Windows
  • DragonBox+  for Windows
  • DragonBox+  for Windows

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